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Welcome to Brightachiever.com. We are one of the best tuition agencies providing 1-1 private home tuition teacher in Singapore for all levels and subjects. We have tutors in all districts in Singapore. Contact us to find a reliable and experienced personal home tutor now!

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Our tuition agency understands that success in education is drastically relied on the relationship between the teacher and the student, and that’s why our private tutors are selected for the students in mind; obviously, each tutor is carefully screened with regards to their educational transcripts, past success in teaching and also their level of experience; they are also picked very carefully based on the student they’ll have to coach.

We also ask for details on the kid’s initial progress and any weaknesses and strengths they may have, that allows us to match the learner up with the right tutor who’ll comprehend their needs and can choose the right approach to their education. This kind of focused, customized tuition is a thing your kid won’t get in class, regardless of how high the school’s levels of teaching excellence are.

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We provide you with a wide selection of teachers – which includes undergrads, full-time tutors, school teachers. We presently have over 10,000 tutors registered on our database, with more joining us. Most significantly, our private home tutors are enthusiastic about what they do. Regardless of whether you would like your kid to brush up on their mathematics, enhance their Mandarin skills, or discover more about science, our educators will devote themselves to open up a thrilling “new world” of education, in a manner that can make your kid want to learn.

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To learn more about our private tutoring services, we welcome you to browse around our site and sign-up today if you would like to give your child the very best start in life. We take great pride in our high level of teaching, and also our high level of customer care. In case you have any questions concerning our tuition services, kindly get in contact, and we’ll respond as fast as possible.

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Guidelines on Choosing a Home Tuition Teacher

The very first thing you need to know is that an excellent home tutor isn’t the one who has an excellent educational background (which means a university degree), great teaching experience or perhaps is strongly recommended by a tuition agent. We do not claim these factors aren’t important. An excellent home tutor is the person who fits perfectly your kid’s academic needs. An ideal home tutor is the person who your kid feels at ease with, which stimulates your kid’s learning ability and motivation for study. All the other factors come to fill in this particular critical element.

Therefore, a great home tutor is the person who is able to make your kid understand and grasp the subject he/she has difficulty with; one who has the ability to uncover your kid’s lacks on a particular topic; one who is able to inspire the kid’s mind and devotion; one who is able to encourage your kid to work hard; and, most importantly, one who can set himself/herself as one example of responsibility and morality.

All of these capabilities make the person become a competent home tutor, but they are not enough for being a trusted person. As a result, we feel that an individual’s character makes him/her a trustworthy private tutor. When selecting a home tutor you need to look for all these characteristics in a candidate: punctuality, responsibility, dedication, morality and patience.

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